Index - Argo Patient List Client

Current date/time: 2021/01/19 19:18

patient lists

The Argo Patient List client application will cover some foundational, early-design operations such as list discovery, selecting list member records, and selection of 'extra' patient data using various methods. Including initial Testing of the discovery, and fetching of patients lists and associated data using the FHIR RESTful API.

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Patient List Interactions Client EHR FHIR Server 1. Discovery: Fetch Summary of Patients Lists GET Group?... Based on User Return Bundle of  User Facing Lists Bundle 2. Fetch Patient List: End User Selects Patient List GET Group/[id] Returns full Group esource Group 3. Fetch Additional Data: Client MAY fetch more data  using a series of FHIR API Searches Returns search results Query 1 Query 2 etc Client Application Processes/displays/etc Group Members to End User